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Welcome to

St Austell Parish

We are St Austell Parish. We are one church in three locations in and around the wonderful St Austell.

Our purpose as a church is simple: we are wholehearted – in worship, in friendship, in mission and most importantly in love for our town. We run groups, courses and services for everyone; we are certain there will be something for you. Our church will never be too full for you – the invitation is always open. Come and see what we are all about!

Our values

We can sum this up in just three words: Faith, Hope and Love.

That said, the Bible can explain this far better than we can:

‘Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.’

Ephesians 6.7


Gospel: We are called to share the awesome news of Jesus, make disciples and bless those around us in St Austell.

Welcome: We will share love, joy and peace with our town. Our desire is for all to ‘belong’ and be transformed by the warmth and wholeheartedness of our hospitality.

Heritage: We have so much to celebrate. Hundreds of years of history to share, Gospel growth through the possibility of church planting, and a building at the heart of the town that can be used to bless our community.