September 21 2018

Creating a buzz … in St Austell!

By Carol Edleston

The centre of St Austell will soon have a new facelift … old railings – gone … cramped parades for Remembrance Day – gone … tired landscaping – gone.

And in their place:

A piazza … a community hub between the church and a newly refurbished market hall. The northern aspect will provide some much needed shade in the heat of the summer months, but the sheer size of the area will also provide a lovely bright area for residents and visitors alike… an oasis in which to enjoy the history of our market town heritage.

The project will be in two parts. Initially there will a gravel area. This can then be scooped up and replaced with a permanent surface when our larger building project commences. It is all very exciting. Curate at Holy Trinity, Rev’d Ian Gulland sees the development as producing,

“A totally fresh look; it will provide great access for all, regardless of disability. There will be a great facility for festivals and weddings. We want it to create a great buzz around the town. We want the life of the church to feel, to be seen and to be the centre of the community.”

Remembrance services will be extra special as all the groups and organisations that mean so much to us in St Austell will have the parade space for proud family and friends to see clearly.

The vicar of Holy Trinity, Rev’d Howard Flint feels that it is a great place to share: “We’re here, you’re welcome and we’d like to create a space for you.” With spaces like the Cathedral square in Truro proving to be so popular and so special church members are hoping that this development will be just as popular. Howard continues, “With the development of the market hall it will be our contribution towards regenerating St Austell focusing on the town centre being a sociable, kind and generous place.”

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