July 22 2019

Front line advances

By Howard Flint

We are seeing God move in wonderful ways!

The Church Commissioners of the Church of England have been so impressed with a submission for funds for mission from our Diocese, that we have been given front line funds.

‘Transforming Mission’ means that for the next six years we shall have funding to invest in several new roles to grow our mission in St Austell. Having acquired the Hop and Vine pub as a church centre, this funding means we can now launch front line mission from outside the church building, in the heart our town.

The new positions will focus on developing worship, pioneering a new worshipping community and establishing our operations on a firm footing so that we can grow the witness to Jesus Christ in this county.

Advertisements will be released along with role descriptions in the coming weeks and months, as we look to engage, equip and establish our church in sharing on the front line the news that Jesus is for everyone!

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