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Bell Ringing

Have you just arrived in our town or have you lived here all your life? Wherever you find yourself on a Sunday morning, if you hear our church bells calling you will know our bell-ringing team are having a great time at Holy Trinity Church!

Fancy joining the team?

Would you like to try learning to ring on our bells? You are most welcome if you are over 9 and less than 80 years old. If you are over 80, you could still get involved if you are reasonably active and can stand unaided. No musical ability required and you don’t need to be a church member to join in. It really is fun for everyone.

Did you know?

We are a Call-Change tower although we have ambitions to become ‘Method’. Weighing in at 18.5 cwt, the ring is fairly heavy for a country town and we regularly welcome individual ringers and touring groups from all over the country.

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