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Groups for Children

We love babies, toddlers and primary age children! We see children as a gift from God. We’re here to help families in the training and nurturing of their children so they grow up to be the brilliant, amazing young people God made them to be.

Something for everyone on Sundays

CRECHE Age 0 – 4 meet in the back vestry room of Holy Trinity church. KONNECT MINIS Age 4 – 7 (Reception, Year 1 and 2). KONNECT MAXIS Age 7-11 (Years 3 through to 6). IMPACT Age 11-16 (Years 7-11). Minis, Maxis and Impact all meet a short walk up Trevarthian Road in our Parish Church Offices at No. 9

Our awesome team

We have a dedicated team of volunteers who want to give your children the best hour of their week. It’s all about our children experiencing friendship with God, with one another, and being filled with such God-sized faith, hope and love that they can go and make a difference at school in the week ahead.

Our Place

This is a space for primary-age children to spend time together getting to know each other, playing and having fun! Hosted by our very own children’s team, your children will enjoy a great evening of fun and games. ‘Our Place’ happens once every school half-term on a Friday evening, 4:30-6pm at our parish church offices. It’s a truly special evening!  Give us a call or use the form below to register a place for your child. Parents drop off their children and collect them at the end of the evening. See you soon!

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