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Weddings in St Austell

Looking through some of the media coverage, you could be forgiven for thinking that Church weddings are not so popular these days. In St Austell Parish, we are actually seeing the opposite. Our beautiful church buildings are hosting rising numbers of weddings!

Church Weddings

  • Church weddings recognise the presence of God. During civil services the person conducting the service cannot make religious references by law. The sense that these important vows are shared by all coupled with an understanding that this higher power is present can be incredibly precious.
  • Church weddings take place in a building that is part of the community. People who worship at the church are often on hand to welcome in the couple and their family and friends. Church documents can date back many centuries and it is very special to know that your new life is now recorded in a way that can be shared with others in the community not just now, but for centuries to come.
  • Of course, newly married couples are also very welcome to return to the church in the future as often as they wish, to kneel at the altar, to retrace their steps and to share their memories with others
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