Being Unguarded

Series Being Unguarded

Dates Jan - Feb 2019

Talks Four

Being Unguarded

This teaching series opens up a conversation around guardedness and provides us with some insight and tools to assist in moving from a guarded attitude and stance towards an open and unguarded approach to living for Jesus. Each teaching will enable us to explore our inner selves and what obstacles prevent us being the people God made us to be.

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Part One

How unmet needs affect your identity

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Date 20/01/19

Speaker Howard Flint

Verses 1 John 1.9

Part Two

Getting rid of the ‘Glittering Image’

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Date 27/01/19

Speaker Ian Gulland

Verses 2 Corinthians 5.21

Part Three

What lies beneath?

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Date 03/02/19

Speaker Howard Flint

Verses Mark 14.66-72; Acts 9.1-9; Mark 10.35-45

Part Four

Unity to Maturity

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Date 10/02/19

Speaker Howard Flint

Verses Ephesians 4.11-32

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