August 13 2019

St Austell Parish Personal Beliefs Survey

By Howard Flint

We recently asked residents of St Austell Parish about what they believed. Here are the results. Thanks to everyone who responded. We may call on your street in the coming months.

What do you believe about God?

Just a force 14%; A distant being 10%; A personal God 39%; Non-existent 24%; Something else 12%

What do you believe happens at the end of our lives?

We die and that’s it 24%; We return to earth in another form or person 13%; We all go to heaven 20%; Some go to heaven & others go to hell 17%; I am not sure 17%; Something else 9%

What do you believe about Jesus Christ?

He didn’t exist at all 10%; He was an ordinary man and nothing more 15%; He was a prophet or messenger from God 17%; He is the only Son of God 42%; Other 11%

If you could know God personally, would you be interested?

No 23%; Yes 46%; Not sure 18%; Some other response 13%

Have you ever prayed about an issue?

Yes 60%; No 40%

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