July 28 2019

Terry Virgo visits Holy Trinity

By Howard Flint

Inspiring teaching enthuses our fellowship

We were privileged to welcome Terry and Wendy Virgo to the church in July. Terry is the founder of the New Frontiers Network of churches, which are now expanding across the globe, and he spoke about the Holy Spirit and discipleship.

A session for local church leaders was concluded with prayer ministry where God worked in amazing ways, bringing physical healing to many.

A number of people came to faith – declaring Jesus Christ as their Lord, and we heard testimony during the Sunday gathering of people being challenged, inspired, encouraged and renewed.

A lasting impact is that we can discern amongst our fellowship a renewed love for Jesus, and a growing passion to be conformed to His Word as revealed in the Bible, and a sense that a new freedom is at work in our prayers, conversations and lives.

We look forward to this enormous blessing overflowing into our town as the Holy Spirit continues to fill us with His new wine.

Terry’s addresses can be found in the Our Talks section of the website here

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